A Day in the Life of Holly Price

What’s a typical day in my life?

I’d love to tell you about a typical day back in my real life. You know, my life in Seattle with the Mergers & Acquisitions Team, where I investigated companies my clients bought or sold. Ever since I moved back to Richland, Washington—which I swear is temporary—people constantly ask me what I “used” to do in the big city. Part of me wants to shriek, “No, no, no. It’s what I do.”

In case you missed it, I really can’t believe I’m back in a town I swore I’d never live in again.

But even the shock of moving back to my hometown didn’t prepare me for this week. Then again, this week has been anything but typical. It started with, what shall I call it? A really awful date? We’ve all had one of those, right? Alex said we were going to Big Flats, a huge tract of land owned by the government that’s open to the public. Yes, I shouldn’t have assumed it was another hiking date. I thought, Okay, a picnic and a bottle of wine. Could be fun.

Oh, no. Not what happened. Alex should’ve told me it was opening day for pheasant hunting.

Fun times, right? I tried to be a good sport and pretend it was still a hike, but then… his dog started chasing around, and the next thing I knew, we’d found a body. Stumbling over a dead person would’ve been awful enough.

We found the body of a friend of ours.

Worst day ever, right?

Except it got even worse. Because after all the deputies, search and rescue people, game management and every other agency with a string of letters after their name showed up, the detective assigned to the case arrived.

You guessed it. My ex-fiancé, JC Dimitrak.

Complete disaster.

Before I tell you about the rest of the week, I should explain why I’m back in Richland. It definitely wasn’t my idea. I was perfectly happy in Seattle and like most kids, thought my parents were doing Just Fine. Then my dad had some kind of mental brain fart and ran off with his yoga instructor. Last I heard, he’s living in Arizona, playing Downward Facing Dog, while I’m working myself half to death to help my mother keep the family’s accounting practice open. So I usually have my hands full, meeting with clients and prospective clients, trying to make Desert Accounting an attractive take over target.

This week, thanks to my ex, I’m fending off crazy suspicions that Alex and I had anything to do with murder, and reassuring clients and I swear, if that local reporter doesn’t leave me alone, I’m not going to have a business left to sell. So I’ve done what any nosy CPA would do. I started asking questions.

Of course, I told JC whenever I found out anything, but did he thank me? Of course not. He’s insisting that all the…errr…accidents I’ve had this week were deliberate. Crazy, right?

But if some maniac really thinks CPA stands for Certified Pain in the Ass, I better figure our what’s going on and who’s behind it.



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