Books I Want To Write

I woke up this morning, opened my trusty Mac, and stared blearily at the insistent calendar reminder. My eyes popped open at the announcement. BLOG. DUE.

To which my mind mumbled. NO. CLUE.

Swiftly followed by, thought it was tomorrow!

So today’s blog topic is brought to you by my friend Josh, who borrowed the inspiration from his friend, Chris. Hey, what are friends for if not inspiration and help?

Let’s talk about Books Not Yet Written.

If you’re a writer, what books would you like to write? Maybe they’re planned; a half-done, shoved-in-the-drawer WIP you aren’t sure how to finish; or maybe you don’t have the guts to write them yet? But go ahead, what would you (really) like to write?

And readers, here’s your chance to submit your literary grocery list. What books would you like to see? Maybe from a specific author, but maybe just in general. What are you in the mood for? What do you see a need for?

Go ahead and share.

You will notice I’m not offering my own book ideas. But I will. I’ll put them in the comment section as soon as I think of them. There’s nothing like being startled before your coffee frees up the creative flow. 😉

* * * *

If you leave a comment on the blog between now and October 31 you are automatically entered into the Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway — a big tote bag of books.

Note the contest is over and the winner notified.

This post originally appeared at my group blog, Blame It On The Muse


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