Renewal has been bouncing around my head this week. I’m not sure why… Maybe it’s the dangling lure of “hang on, vacation’s coming.”

Maybe it’s an overdue library book.

I made a quick check of definitions and generally got the unhelpful, “the act of renewing or state of being renewed.”


But then I found, “filling again by supplying what has been used up.”


That’s it. Filling again. Used up.

We all reach that point, don’t we? It’s not just the muse taking off for vacation without you. It’s too many months of burning the candle at both ends and melting it in the middle, until it’s All Used Up.

The muse is still in there, frantically waving signal flags. Plot lines of stories surface at random times and new ideas pop up, but other than jotting a quick note, there’s no time to write. To contemplate. To get lost in a story.

So, renewal.

Supplying what’s used up. I’m completely open to suggestions.

How do you refill your well?

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